Glosstress Handbags was created out of boredom


My name is Shar-Day, wife and mother of one. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. I have always loved art and design. I have always found ways to express myself artistically. Jewelry making, painting, drawing, nail art, hair design, clothing design. You name it. I have dabbled in just about everything! Art and design have been a part of my identity since I was a little girl. Being a creative has always been something I loved and something that was necessary in my life.

Once I finished college, I found myself unfulfilled in a corporate position as a Civil Engineer. Engineering design is based on rigid standards and specifications. Unfortunately, there is no room for creativity or originality. I became bored with the routine. I needed something to fill the artistic void. Something that I could pour my imagination and originality into. I began making jewelry and eventually came across the art of leather handbag making. I fell in love! I decided to create handbags that I wish existed. Unique and distinctive handbags. Bold, oversized handbags that are guaranteed to stand out. Thanks to YouTube, I was able to teach myself to sew and the rest is history. Glosstress Handbags was born!


I have so much fun creating each and every one of my handbags. I love my craft like it’s my child. I take pride in every handcrafted handbag I create. It is truly one the highlights of my life. I pray that you love Glosstress Handbags as much as I do!